Share your art with friends, bring your own drinks & enjoy

Painting Parties for Adults in Wisconsin

Let the Art Out with Canvas Painting, Ceramics Glazing, or Fused Glass Masterpieces

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy making art. Let your inner child out as you bring life to a blank canvas, paint your own ceramics, or fuse glass together and create something truly one of a kind. Creative License® offers private parties after hours for groups including: ladies night out, date night, birthday parties, corporate team building, and more. Bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, and relax while you enjoy creating art and building unique memories with family or friends.

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Girls' Night Out

Hey ladies, looking for a fun night out with your friends? Get the girls together and arrange a private painting party at Creative License® in Hartford, WI. You can choose to paint canvases as a group, or everyone can pick their own art path. These parties are a great chance for making thoughtful gifts for those you love. Paint your significant other a self-portrait, customize a ceramic martini glass or flower vase, or make a glass piece of art that melts their heart; there is no limit to your creative possibilities, and no end to the love you’ll get when they receive your gift. Put together glass plates, create distinctive jewelry, paint glasses and cups, there are endless possibilities when you choose Creative License®!

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Bachelorette Parties and Bridal Showers: Memorable, Personalized Wedding Keepsakes

Creative License® is the perfect place to host an unforgettable bachelorette party or bridal shower. There is plenty of room for a large group – you can bring in food, drinks, party favors, and games; and the guests will have a wonderful memento take home, or a gift to give the bride. Celebrate your special day surrounded by friends and family having fun.

Bring in your fiancé and paint a beautiful ceramic piece together to commemorate your wedding day. Get to know your in-laws while creating decorative glass artwork as a family. No matter how you want to celebrate the coming of your wedding, Creative License® will make it memorable!

Learn more about hosting a bridal showers and bachelorette art events at our studio.

Guys' Night Out

Looking for a different way to spend your evening than sitting in a dark bar? Come to Creative License® and bring out your creative side! Bring your friends and create a cool coffee mug or ash tray with the guidance of our creative consultants, or just go wild with paint and canvas to try your hand at a Jackson Pollock impersonation.

Are you in a committed relationship or looking to impress a lady friend? Creative License® is the place for you. What do women love? Jewelry. You know what else they love? Thoughtful gifts. What’s more thoughtful than a gift you made by hand? Nothing, that’s what.

At Creative License®, you can make a unique piece of jewelry almost as beautiful as the woman you love. You could spend a few months’ salary on a beautiful diamond necklace, or you could spend a few hours having fun with your friends while creating something your loved one will cherish – which will you choose?

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Private Party Room in Hartford, WIAdult Only Art Events - No Kids Allowed!

Life can be frustrating. What better way to relax than letting it all out while creating some awesome art? Creative License hosts adult only events for artists who want to express themselves without a PG filter. Customize a ceramic art piece with your favorite cuss word of choice without worrying about offending any kids. This is a chance for you to paint your own *BLEEP* thing! All participants must be 18+ years old to attend.

Check our art event calendar to see if any adult only nights are upcoming or call for more details. Don’t worry, we also offer art parties for kids.

Adult Birthday Parties

You’re Never Too Old for Creativity!

Birthday parties with fun crafts aren’t just for kids – at Creative License®, we celebrate aging adults too! Bring whatever non-alcoholic drinks, food, and party decorations you’d like, and then enjoy a fun time with family and friends. What better way to celebrate your birthday than creating something unique and beautiful with the people you love? Fill a canvas with beautiful colors depicting your favorite birthday moment, paint a ceramic coffee mug or glass for a notable party favor, or fuse glass to create a one of a kind birthday gift; you’ll find what you’re looking for when you book a private birthday party at Creative License®.

View our birthday party packages for adults.

Date Night

First Dates, Double Dates, Friend Dates – Have Fun and Create!

Going out on a date? A Double Date? A Triple Date? A Quadruple date? Can it get bigger and better than that?

Of course it can! Creative License® is a great place for a date night alone, or with friends! Come together and create something as beautiful and unique as your love for each other. Or just have a blast creating “His and Hers” coffee mugs. The possibilities are endless.

Follow along with our creative consultants for a fun night of canvas painting, or paint something unique as a gift for each other. Glaze a beautiful ceramic piece together to commemorate an anniversary, or fuse glass to experience art like never before. You’re guaranteed a fun night of art when you choose Creative License®.

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Corporate Team Building

Helping Your Staff Work Better Together Through Art

Corporate Even Venue in Hartford, WICreative License® is the perfect place for corporate team building events. Get your staff out of the office, working together, doing something new that’s not related to work, and building new interoffice relationships. Inspire each other to create and work with one another like never before. After you see how creative your team can be inside our studio, who knows what you’ll accomplish together when you leave!  Plus, your beautiful canvas paintings, fused glass, or ceramics can double as new décor for the office. So get your team together, come to Creative License®, and let your art out!

Learn How to Canvas Paint at Our Hartford, WI, Studio

There’s no such thing as a bad artist. No matter your skill level, we are here to help you create something beautiful. Creative License® has instructional canvas painting classes at our studio. These classes use a template to teach the basics of painting. For a $25 travel fee, we can bring our lessons and supplies to you!

Art Activities for Holidays

The holidays are a great time to come together with those you love and create art. See our latest holiday art projects now:

Parties for artists can be hosted at our studio or a location of your choosing. We’ll bring art supplies right to your home or workplace and handle cleanup! All art party hosts are welcome to bring refreshments. Private parties and those away from the studio may even bring alcoholic beverages for a “paint and sip” experience.

Creative (and Last Minute) Gifts for All Occasions

Host an art party in honor of a friend’s birthday. Design fused glass jewelry for that special someone. Or paint them a custom piece of pottery. Don’t have time for a party? Consider Creative License® gift cards! These make a great present for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions. You can reload them for even more artistic fun!

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