Works of art made by you

Completed Artwork Gallery

Grab Your Friends, Grab Your Family, and Get Inspired!

Not sure what to expect from Creative License®? Get an idea with the gallery! You’ll see our wide selection of ceramic options and kiln-fired fused glass projects; witness the artistic fun available at Creative License®, and more. Take a look, get inspired, and come down to our art studio to create your own masterpiece!

Our downtown Hartford and Pewaukee studios have artistic opportunities for everyone. Kids can create cool creatures while parents design unique fused glass décor. Bring a group of close friends to paint the night with canvas or walk in on a rainy day to paint a new ceramic mug. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination! Learn more about each of the following:

See examples of each in our gallery or stop in to see our art for yourselves. Our Creative Consultants will help you with your design so you leave with an amazing piece of art. Check in throughout the year to sign up for upcoming art classes and events.

Art for Beginners

Anyone can learn to make art at Creative License®. Just take a look at some of the amazing projects other customers have made! There’s art created by young kids, college students, parents, and grandparents. Don’t think you’re too old to start learning. Begin by painting pre-made ceramic figures or sign up for a class to really test your artistic limits.

Walk right in to Creative License® studio or book your private art party now.