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Silk Scarf Water Marbling

December 8 2018 | 10:00AM, 11:30AM, 1:00PM

Available Spots: 18

$50 per person for this special offering.
Must Preregister using the link provided.
Class size is limited to the first 6 people to sign up.

You are the artist! You will pick out your favorite colors, drop paint on water, use tools to create a one-of-a-kind design and transfer your creation to a silk scarf that is wearable.

Water Marbling is an ancient art form called Suminagashi or "floating ink". It began in Japan during the 10th century. Artist blowing on water created designs in black and gray tones. Later around the 15th century another form of marbling was created in Turkey and Pursia called Ebru or "clouds on water". The use of thickened water, colored pigments and tools were used to create different patterns and designs.

Cost is $50 per person. Preregistration required.

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