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Paint Wood Board Art in Wisconsin

Hartford, WI, Studio Offers Board Art for Creative Artists

Board Art in HartfordA true artist is willing to experiment and take risks with their craft. What better way to test your limits than with wood board art? This new opportunity from Creative License® in Hartford, WI, is just what you need to expand your artistic horizons. Walk in any time to get started!

Wood board art is very similar to painting canvas. The difference is your board is made from real wood planks sealed together. The natural wood grain surface provides extra resistance to paint to make very piece truly unique. While canvas starts completely white, these boards have faint colors from knots and swirls in the wood. You can then use paint to “stain” the wood. Get creative by incorporating these natural patterns into your art!

There are two types of boards available at Creative License. The first is a traditional “canvas” style, with uniform corners and edges. The second has uneven planks to add extra dimension to your art piece. Pick one and get started with your painting! Our Creative Consultants will help you get started with paint brushes, easels, and whatever else you need to get started. Don't worry about making a mess - we clean it up for you!

Wood Board Art in Progress in HartfordAlternative Painting Surfaces Make Art Unique

Board art looks and feels different from canvas. Aside from being a sturdier painting surface, the wood absorbs the paint and dries faster than on canvas. This means you might have to work quickly to get the colors you want. Or take advantage of wood and create a "stain" to give your board a richer background color. It's all up to you!

Another advantage of wood board paintings is they can be displayed without a frame. Each board has wood pieces on the back to allow easy display around your home or work. Boards are incredibly long lasting, making them great gifts for all occasions. Our Creative Consultants are available to make custom art for you if you are not able to come in and do it yourself.

Wood was once the preferred surface for painters. Bring it back with your own painting projects at the Creative License® studio in Hartford, WI! You can walk right in whenever you feel like creating or schedule a private event for an after-hours party. We also host special art events throughout the year.

Wood Door Hangers and Ornaments for Menomonee Falls Artists

Painted Pumpkin in Menomonee FallsIf you’re not ready to take on a full plank board, practice painting on wood with our fun door hangers and ornaments! These pieces of wood are precut into several shapes and are just waiting for some colorful paint to bring them to life. Painted wood door hangers are ideal for personalizing a bedroom door for kids, decorating a holiday centerpiece, or hanging from a Christmas tree.

Our seasonal pieces include:

Once you’re finished painting, add some ribbon or twine to hang up your latest door hanger. These pieces can be brought home on the same day, so you can decorate instantly with your new art. Looking for a group activity this holiday season? We have Christmas ornament painting parties which can be set up at your school, business, or church.

Our roster of seasonal art is always changing. Be sure to stop in each season to see what new pieces we have to offer.

Chalkboard Art: Custom Signs

Like wood boards, chalkboards are a unique way to express yourself. Creative License has boards you can use to create your own chalkboard messages. The finished signs can be hung up anywhere to decorate your home or office. Ask our Creative Consultants about upcoming chalkboard art classes.

Chalkboard Art Examples

Have an idea for a sign but no idea on how to execute it? Our Creative Consultants are ready to help you make your art. Chalkboard signs are easy, even for beginners. Stop by our studio today to get started!

Instructional Canvas Painting Classes in Hartford Improves Wood Board Art

There are many similarities between painting on wood and canvas. Sign up for an instructional canvas painting class in Hartford to practice your technique before moving up to wood boards. The lesson can be at our studio or a location of your choosing for a $25 travel fee.

Get creative and bring wood board art to life at our Hartford, WI, art studio. Stop in anytime to get started!

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