Fused glass technique that is fun to do


Fused Glass Artwork in Pewaukee & Hartford, WI

Bring Your Unique Art to Life by Fusing Glass Pieces

Fused glass art projects are available right here at Creative License®! Have you ever wanted to create beautiful, one of a kind jewelry for a loved one? Maybe you’re interested in bringing color and life to your home décor by making your own glass plates, picture frames, hanging wall art, or jewelry? Whatever your heart desires in the way of glass artwork, Creative License® studios in Pewaukee & Hartford, WI, can help!

We believe an artist is inside everyone, just waiting to get out. At Creative License®, you can create stunning pieces of art with fused glass! The process is easy and kids as young as ten can try creating beautiful glass art. Fused glass is a faster, easier alternative to making stained or blown glass art. Fused glass is easy for beginners or artists who want to challenge themselves. Walk right into one of our studios and give it a try today!

What Can I Create With Fused Glass?

Your imagination is the only limit to your fused glass art. Feel free to test your limits with your own designs. You can make a wide variety of projects by fusing glass, including:

Dishes (plates, bowls, and cups)   Jewelry Nightlights Pendants   Glass letters  
Votive holders Serving trays   Ornaments   Sconces And more!

Our Creative Consultants can help with instructions, and some projects have pre-cut glass to help you get started. Have an idea you don’t see listed? Just ask! Chances are we can get you started on the right path. Check out our fused glass gallery for some extra inspiration.

How It Works: Steps to Making Fused Glass Art

  1. First things first, you need an idea of what you’d like to create with glass. It can be predetermined and sketched out at home, or you can get inspiration from our fused glass samples throughout our studio. Fused art creations range from small pieces of jewelry to large serving bowls.
  2. Next, you choose your glass. We have a multitude of options, ranging in color, shape, and size – from broken glass shards to full sheets you can cut and shape yourself. All of these options make it easy to completely customize your fused glass.
  3. Now it’s time to start creating. Glass pieces can be layered on top of each other, creating beautiful designs and dimensions. Our Creative Consultants will gladly assist you in this process so you get the results you want.
  4. When you finish placing the glass for your design, we “fuse” your glass masterpiece in our kilns. The glass pieces melt together and become one single piece of glass. If you want, we can fire your design a second time to create a unique shape (which is called "slump" firing), or your piece can remain flat. We have a variety of slump molds to help you create dishes, candle holders, and sconces.
  5. Finally, you take your work of art home! 

Host an Art Party at our Wisconsin Studios

Our Hartford and Pewaukee studios are a popular spot for artists of all ages to come and create. If you want to host a fun and unique event, reserve our studio for your closest friends and family! We welcome birthday parties, date night events, and corporate teambuilding groups. During fused glass painting parties, we have special options to inspire you:

Don’t see an option that matches what you want? Contact our Creative Consultants to learn about more ways to create with fused glass! Or schedule a private event hosted at our studio.

Check out some fused glass art as created by Brian Kramp of Fox 6 Real Milwaukee:

Fused Glass for Holiday Gifts and Décor

Fused glass projects make for popular birthday and Christmas gifts. A handmade holiday art project from Creative License® is better than anything you’ll find in a catalog or Black Friday sales ad. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands on a mass-produced piece of jewelry, make your own necklace or bracelet for the woman you love. Design a nightlight for your kids to help them sleep at night. Create a set of dishes for your close friends. Each of these handmade gifts come straight from the heart and are easy on your holiday budget.

Creative Consultants are available to help you craft the perfect gift. We can also make art for you if you have a specific idea in mind. Contact our studio today to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect gift. We’ve designed presents for housewarmings, weddings, baptisms, and more.

Want something a little more traditional? Try painting Christmas ornaments with family, friends, and coworkers with a Christmas art party from Creative License®!

Fused Glass for Private Parties and Events

Share this unique art form with your friends, family, and coworkers with a private party at our Pewaukee and Hartford studios. Only you and your invited guests are allowed to attend these after hour events, perfect for everything from birthday parties, bachelorette parties or bridal showers, and just an evening out with friends. We host corporate events as well, giving you a great location to get to know your coworkers better or promote company bonding.

These projects are easy, even for beginners. Our Creative Consultants will be on hand throughout the event to help everyone in your group create the perfect piece of art. Fused glass pieces are dishwasher safe and can be used to serve food, making them more than just decorations.

If you are hosting a private event, you may bring alcoholic beverages for your group to enjoy. However, Wisconsin liquor laws state we cannot sell alcohol nor can it be served during public business hours. Read our FAQ or contact our Creative Consultants for more details.

View our art event calendar to see if any fused glass lessons are happening soon.

Fused Glass FAQ: What You Need to Know

Q: Is working with glass hard to do?

A: No, with just a few minutes of instruction, you will be on your way! If you need design assistance or a refresher, just ask our Creative Consultants!

Q: Can kids try fused glass projects?

A: Some fused glass projects are safer and more ideal for children (nightlights, for example). 10 and up is our preferred age, but, with proper adult supervision, we will make exceptions. If your child is too young to try creating fused glass, we have ceramic and canvas painting which is appropriate for all ages.

Glass Cutting in Hartford, WI

Q: Is my fused glass dishware food safe?

A: Yes, you can use your fused glass plates and bowls for food. Impress your friends and family at your next gathering by serving them something delicious on your hand-crafted fused glass! You might create an entire set of themed holiday plates or let your children design their snack bowls.

Q: Is the glass dishwasher safe?

A: Yes! Plates and dishes created from fused glass at Creative License® can be washed in a dishwasher. Since the glass is colored instead of painted, you don’t have to worry about washing away the color. Just remember, these pieces are still glass and use caution when placing your dishes to avoid chipping. 

Q: Can I bring in glass I found at the beach or from an old window?

A: No, each type of glass has a specific coefficient of expansion and melting point. Our fused glass has been tested to ensure fusing compatibility. Foreign glass may not be compatible and could ruin your project when it cools.

Q: How is fused glass different from stained glass or blown glass?

A: Stained glass art is created by holding colored pieces of glass together with some sort of frame. Occasionally, stained glass refers to clear glass which has been painted over to create a pattern or design. Fused glass does not need to be painted to achieve its colors and does not require a frame for pieces to stay in place.

Blown glass is made by taking molten glass and literally blowing air in with a tube to create shapes as the glass cools. This process can take years to master. Our fused glass creations are only heated by our Creative Consultants and the shapes are achieved using molds and “slumping”.

Q: How much does it cost to create fused glass art?

A: Every fused glass project is unique. The price will depend on factors like how big your piece is and what glass you use. Larger pieces uses for plates and serving trays will cost more than a small jewelry pendant. Ask our Creative Consultants for specifics.

Let your art out in glass form at Creative License® today, stop in our studio or book a private art studio party!