Get you hands into the art with clay


Clay and Pottery Wheel Art Studio

Good Clean Fun with Clay Sculpting and Painting

Imagine taking a ball of clay, a piece of the very earth you stand on, and letting your hands grant it form where there was once nothing. What could be more artistically satisfying than breathing new life into something with your own hands?

At Creative License®, you’re not limited to our template-casted designs. You can work with your own clay to create a unique piece of art. At our clay sculpting workshop, you have the power to turn a simple ball of clay into a bowl, a vase, a beautiful figurine, or whatever your heart desires. Who knows what you’ll create when you’re only limited by your imagination! Then paint your ceramics to finish your creation. Visit our studios in Pewaukee and Hartford to try for yourself.

Pottery Wheels in Hartford, WI, Studio

Paint and Decorate your Own Clay Pottery

Working with clay frees you from the two-dimensional restriction of a canvas, granting complete control over the medium – truly the ultimate form of artistic expression! After you’ve given form to what was once shapeless, you can return to paint it once it's been fired in our kiln, adding an entirely new level of depth and dimension to your ceramic creation. 

There are few pleasures as great as placing a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase you made by hand, or making a truly distinctive set of fine china with a spouse to commemorate the love you have for one another. Working with clay gives you the opportunity to create something beautiful completely from scratch. Our studio is a popular date night spot for couples looking to try something new.

Need Help? Try Clay Sculpting Tutorials for Beginners!

Creating with clay is fun and easy – simply grab a lump and sculpt. Instructions will be provided in the studio for first-timers or creatives who are a little rusty from high school art class and looking to brush up. If you need a helping hand our Creative Consultants are standing by. Pricing starts at $15 and the final cost depends on the amount of clay used and number of projects (pricing includes 2 firings and a painting session).

Pottery Wheel Classes in Hartford, WI

Creative License® in Hartford & Pewaukee have pottery wheels! Come on in and learn how to throw clay on a wheel and make beautiful art take shape. The wheel makes it easier to achieve uniform shapes in clay pieces like bowls and vases. We also cover special techniques to add design patterns to the clay.

Classes are limited to 2 participants per session since we have 3 wheels and one is reserved for the instructor. Lessons are by appointment only, so please call to schedule your class today. Currently, creating pottery on the wheel is ONLY available by these appointments or special art events. When you call, ask for Angela!

Each lessons lasts 1 hour and costs $45. You can make 1 or 2 clay pieces in that time.

Watch Brian Kramp of Real Milwaukee Fox 6 News create a bowl on our pottery wheel:

Working with Clay: An Artistic Workout

Clay sculpting is a unique art form because it is so hands on. Even a small amount of clay will require a lot of hard work to shape. Kneading the clay, ripping pieces apart, and molding shapes is a fun way to give yourself an artsy workout. But don’t break a sweat! Our studio is full of tools to make sculpting easier for artists of all ages and abilities. Just ask our Creative Consultants for the best tools for whatever you’re making.

With the right tools and guidance you can make:

Use sponges and other hand tools to add texture, designs, and depth to your piece. Let the creative juices flow as your hands grant form to something new; creating something out of a mere lump of earth. Ask our staff to help you use the right tool for the effect you want.

Once your clay has taken its final shape, we will prepare it to be fired in our kilns. It will take one week for your piece to be fired. After the first firing, you can come in and paint your clay. Then we will fire it again so you can take it home!

Kids Grow with Art

Kids benefit more than anyone from artistic opportunities. It’s been proven that art is therapeutic for children. Working with clay is a particularly great chance for kids to relax and learn. Kids can learn how to make art on the pottery wheel or use tools to sculpt. Whatever they use, the result is a completely original piece of art. Kids can get their hands dirty as they rip and fold clay over and over.

Kids love working with clay because they can create something practical. They can make a cup or bowl they can use every day as a reminder of their artistic skills. And their creations make great gifts for family and friends.

Family Making Clay Together in Hartford, WISave Time and Paint Pre-Sculpted Clay Figures

All hand-sculpted and pottery wheel clay will need to be fired in our kiln before it can be painted. As a result, clay pieces take 2 weeks to complete (one week to fire the clay, one week to fire the paint). If you do not have time to sculpt and paint, our studio has many ceramic pottery figures available for painting. These pieces can be painted immediately and brought home one week later.

Contact our studio to learn about all the different ceramic figures we have available. Some of these pieces include piggy banks and nightlights for kids.

Custom Clay Creations: Lessons, Events, and More

Along with our pottery wheel lessons we have regular art classes at our Hartford studio to teach artists of all levels how to create. Be sure to check our calendar often to see what clay or ceramic classes are upcoming. We have lessons for beginners, those who are a little rusty, and more advanced artists. Classes fill up quickly so reservations are required!

All year long we have special art opportunities for the holidays. During the winter season, we have ceramic Christmas ornaments available for painting. Schedule a private holiday party where the guests can paint their own ornament. These art parties can be hosted anywhere, including schools, churches, and businesses. Just contact our Creative Consultants to set up your perfect holiday party!

Handmade Pottery Gifts for Holidays and Birthdays

Handmade clay pottery pieces make beautiful holiday, anniversary, and birthday gifts. If you have a rule to only exchange handmade gifts, clay is your answer! Shape, sculpt, and paint a truly unique creation at our studio. We handle the technical details of firing, you just get to have fun creating the perfect present!

Another gift option? Sign up for a pottery wheel lesson together! This is a great activity for couples, siblings, best friends, and parents and kids because you get to learn something new together. And at the end of the lesson you get to keep your creation (after it’s kiln-fired and painted, of course)! Or consider a Creative License reloadable gift card as a last minute gift for your artistic friends and family.

Visit our fun art studio and discover what clay creations await you – We also book private art parties!