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Paint Your Own Pottery Studio in Pewaukee & Hartford, WI

Creating Unique Ceramic Art Has Never Been Easier, or More Fun!

A beautiful ceramic work of art is inside you – let it out at Creative License® studios in Pewaukee & Hartford, WI. We’ll help you find your inner artist as you paint or make your own ceramics! Our art studio lets everyone be an artist, no matter their skill level. We welcome everyone to stop on in and learn a new way to creatively express themselves with art.

Plates, mugs, bowls, and platters; figurines, piggy banks, boxes, vases, candle holders, cookies jars, tiles, and the list goes on – we offer a symphony of ceramic pieces in hundreds of shapes and sizes, with a wide range of functions for you to choose from. Our glaze color options are just as diverse as our selection of ceramic art pieces. Made from pre-formed ceramic bisque, once glazed and fired in our kiln, your pottery or ceramic piece will be ready to use.

Tips for Painting Ceramic

How Creative License Ceramic Painting Works

  1. Start by choosing the ceramic piece you’d like to paint
  2. Pick out your glaze colors – we have a rainbow of paints in solid, speckled, and glitter options
  3. Choose your design tools – pick from a wide selection of sponges, stamps, stencils, silk screens and more
  4. PAINT! Pick your colors and go wild with creativity
  5. Once you’re finished painting, leave your projects with us and we’ll kiln fire it

Don’t see a figure you want to paint? You can hand-sculpt or throw clay on a pottery wheel to make whatever you want. Clay for hand-sculpting is available at all times. Pottery wheels must be reserved in advance, so please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Your clay creation will have to be fired in the kiln before you can begin painting.

Our Creative Consultants will walk you through the best painting techniques for your desired results. Kiln fired pottery pieces are typically ready for pick up 1 week after your initial visit.

Ceramic Pottery Products Available for Painting

The Creative License studio is full of ceramic figures ready to be painted. Pieces are available in different sizes for painters of all skill levels. We even have specialty pieces like coin banks, lamps, and nightlights from the top ceramic brands, including Gare. Our ceramic products include:

  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Plates
  • People
  • Sports figures
  • Bowls
  • Mythical creatures
  • Decorative add-ons
  • Drinkware

Ceramic Figures at Hartford, WI Studio

Some figures are based on popular characters and franchises! Paint your own superhero, sci-fi robot, or princess figurine. There are also ceramics for adults: margarita glasses, beer mugs, and coffee cups. And be sure to stop by year-round to see our seasonal holiday ceramics. Learn more about our holiday art projects available throughout the year.

Watch Brian Kramp of Fox 6 Real Milwaukee try out bubble and marble painting on a ceramic plate:

Learn New Ceramic Painting Techniques from the Experts

Painted Ceramic Measuring CupsOur Creative Consultants are happy to teach artists of all skill levels new techniques for creating cool patterns on ceramic.

We have many other techniques to learn. Sign up for one of our art class events for a lesson! We have a variety of events year-round, so there is always something new to try. Learn the best way to paint ceramic pottery directly from our Creative Consultants. Seats are limited, so be sure to reserve yours in advance!

How Painting Pottery Helps Kids

Children are natural artists. Art can be therapeutic for children, especially those who are unable to express themselves verbally or are dealing with a lot of stress from school or life changes. Painting pottery provides kids with a new challenge over drawing on flat paper. The extra dimensions test your child’s dexterity as they have to find the best way to paint every side of the piece.

Painting is an activity that can calm kids down since it requires a lot of concentration. It also teaches valuable lessons about making and fixing mistakes. If your child paints with the wrong color, no worries! Our Creative Consultants will help them make it right. Kids can also learn to make their own clay creations at our studio.

Take Home Pottery Painting Kits

Creative License® now has take-home pottery kits! First, stop by our studio to browse all the pottery options. Make your choice and you’re ready to head home. Just don’t forget you’ll also need to bring paint and brushes with you. You can take 3 of our brushes by paying a $5 deposit (refunded upon return of the brushes with a receipt present). Next, travel home with your ceramic piece and paint! Once you’re done, bring the pottery back for firing in our kiln.

By taking pottery home, you can have additional privacy and control while creating art. Put on some music or a favorite movie for inspiration. You can take all the time you need to make the perfect piece of art.

Kids love all the fun figures we have available. If you have an upcoming birthday party or sleepover at your home, these take home kits are a perfect party activity. You can keep an eye on everyone without worrying about arranging transportation or chaperones. Adults love using these kits as well during a guy or girl’s night in.

Wisconsin's Perfect Art Party Venue

Looking to host the perfect party, combining creativity with a memorable gift? Art parties at Creative License® are exactly what you’re searching for. Get the girls together for a ladies night out, celebrate a birthday or bachelorette party, bring your scouts troop in - no matter who you are or what you do, at Creative License®, you have the power to create something beautiful and long-lasting! We’re the perfect party venue for southeast Wisconsin.

Our Creative Consultant will assist your group with everything from tips to cleanup. These ceramic painting parties are appropriate for all ages, which is why we offer parties for kids and parties for just adults. Kids love the chance to pick their own ceramic figures like dragon, fairies, and animals. Adults tend to go with more functional art, selecting from our wide variety of mugs, bowls, and plates.

Customize Your Ceramics with Clay Sculpting

Have something specific in mind that’s not available as a pre-made ceramic figure? Unleash your imagination by sculpting clay! Our studio has clay available so you can create your own custom ceramics. The process is simple: you sculpt the clay however you want and our Creative Consultants will then fire it in the kiln for you. After the firing, you get to paint your creation. A final firing will complete the piece so you can take it home. This process takes about two weeks from start to finish.

Our studio offers pottery wheel classes for artists who want to improve their abilities. Two people are allowed at a time to take lessons. Sign up by contacting Angela directly.

Handmade Gifts from Our Art Studios

Looking for ideas for affordable birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts? Creative License® has many ceramic figures and pieces ideal for presents. Paint a dish set as a practical gift or give a fun piggy bank to your kids. Don’t forget a gift card if you need a last minute present! Our reloadable gift cards can be used on any project.

Our studio has special holiday art projects throughout the year. We offer Christmas ornament painting parties suitable for artists of all ages. Host your holiday party at one of our studios or at your own location.

Hartford Art Studio Kilns

Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Studio FAQ:

Q: How much does it cost to paint ceramic?

A: The price to paint depends on what you want to paint. Larger figures cost more while smaller figures are available for $10-$15. On average, expect to pay a minimum of $10. This price includes the cost to paint, use stamps or stencils, and receive assistance from our Creative Consultants. That’s right – it’s all included! The shelf price is the final price - plus tax.

Q: Is there an extra fee for paints and firing?

A: No, the shelf price is the final price - plus tax. Guests are also welcome to share a project. This is a popular option for couples on a date night.

Q: How old do you have to be to paint?

A: Any age! Our paints are all water based. Kids can paint with brushes or use their hands. Our paints clean up easier than food. If you’re worried about clothing, we have smocks available.

Q:  What if I'm not "creative?”

A: Everyone is creative! Think of this as creative entertainment. Pick a shape you like then browse the technique tiles by our paint counter for inspiration. We have a wide array of fool-proof design tools, stamps, sponges, stencils, and more to get your creative juices flowing. And if you’re truly stuck, ask our Creative Consultants for advice.

Q: Can I use my ceramic creation?

A: Yes! Once kiln-fired, our paints are the same glossy shine you would find on store-bought ceramics. Treat your piece like fine china - hand washing is best. Dishware is safe to use for food and drink. Projects like pots and sculptures intended for yard or garden decor can remain outdoors and brought in for the winter months.

Have more questions? Ask us directly during a visit or check out our pottery FAQ.

Stop into our studio today to create your ceramics masterpiece, or book a private ceramic painting party!