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Therapeutic Art Projects for Kids

Using Artistic Creations to Help Kids Grow

Fused Glass Door Hangers for KidsFor many children, art is an easy way to express themselves. Painting a canvas or molding clay is a great way to encourage kids to improve their critical thinking skills while having fun. Bring your kids to Creative License in Hartford and start creating today!

Find Sensory-Based Art Activities

Working with clay or painting ceramic is the ideal activity for kids who excel in sensory based activities. With clay, kids can learn to be gentle without worrying about breaking their art. Painting a piece of ceramic gives children a chance to hone their fine motor skills as they carefully apply just the right amount of pressure with the brush or sponge.

For some children, being able to use their hands and get a little messy is just what they need to relax after school. Our studio welcomes walk-ins, so feel free to visit whenever your little one needs a creative outlet!

Getting Through Tough Times with Art

There are many reasons for children to feel unhappy or unsure of themselves. Maybe they were cut from their sports team, maybe there’s a big change happening in the family, or maybe they just need a pick-me-up after a long school week. Our studio provides kids with an outlet to express these emotions in a healthy way.

Children can find it difficult to discuss complex emotions such as loss and anger. Painting or molding clay is a way for your child to express themselves with non-verbal communication, even if they don’t realize it. If you’re not sure where to start, our Creative Consultants recommend working on an art project together with your child.

Anger Painting Template in HartfordSome fun activities for parents and kids at our studio include:

You may prefer to schedule a private event instead as a chance to get the whole family together at once.

Learn without Making a Mess!

There are many children who are visual learners, meaning they learn better and faster when they are able to see what they’re learning about firsthand. Creating art is one of the easiest ways to teach your child about colors and what happens when two (or more!) mix. Challenge your kids to make green without using green paint or ask them how to make a dark color lighter. They’ll learn all about hue and shades while having fun too.

With our ceramic pieces, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your kids about animals and our other creative critters. Ask what sound an owl makes or where a dolphin lives. Then paint the animal together to take home!

At our Hartford studio, parents don’t have to worry about cleaning up after their little artists. Our Creative Consultants will handle all the mess for you. Of course, we won’t mind if your child wants to help!

Need Privacy? Just Ask!

If your child requires privacy or a quiet work environment, they can create their art in our party room (next to the kilns). For those with autism, ADHD, or sensory-based issues, having a quiet place to paint makes it easier for them to concentrate. Our Creative Consultants will do everything possible to make your child as comfortable as possible while they create their next artistic masterpiece.

Visit our Hartford studio anytime whenever your child needs to create art! Canvases can go home the same day while ceramic, clay, and fused glass projects will be ready in about a week after being fired in our kiln.

Contact Creative License in Hartford for more information of therapeutic art projects for children!