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Halloween Art Parties in Hartford, WI

Paint Fun Pumpkins or Spooky Skeletons

Halloween is a chance for the whole family to have fun creating together. This spooky holiday is known for creative costumes but it doesn’t have to stop there! The Creative License® studio in Hartford, WI, welcomes kids, parents, grandparents, friends, and more to stop on by to make Halloween art.

Halloween Art Projects in Hartford, WI

Ceramic Jack-O'-Lantern Art Project

Make a Monster by Painting Ceramic

Creative License® has ceramic figures of animals and mythical creatures for kids to paint. Let your princess paint a dragon or give your little wizard an owl to paint. These ceramic figures are the perfect accessories for trick-or-treating photo ops.

If your little one is scared of the dark, try painting a nightlight to keep them safe and calm at bedtime. Or have them pick and paint their very own protector to watch over them as they sleep. There are cute dogs, cats, and other favorite animals available.

All ceramic figures are fired in our kiln and available for pickup one week after they are painted.

Sculpt a Clay Candy Bowl

Once trick-or-treating is over, it’s always a good idea to collect your candy in one bowl to prevent overeating. Creative License® has clay you can use to craft your very own bowl. You are welcome to sculpt your clay creation by hand or take a clay wheel lesson so you can throw symmetrical bowls.

Your finished clay creation will be fired in our kiln. After one week you will be able to paint the ceramic piece. The it will be fired once more like our pre-made ceramic figures.

Paint a (Permanent) Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns and making pumpkin pie is a longstanding Halloween tradition. Unfortunately, the carved pumpkin will eventually rot away. Our studio has pumpkin-shaped wood cutouts or ceramic pumpkin bowls so you can make a decoration you can use year after year.

Sign Up for Seasonal Art Events

Our studio hosts special art events and classes all year. During the fall season we have themed events for back-to-school, Halloween, and other autumn activities. Learn more about our year-round studio activities by checking our calendar for upcoming events. We have special painting lessons, advanced projects like stained glass, and family story times.

Contact Creative License® for more information or to reserve the studio for a painting party.