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Creative Guys’ Night Out Ideas

Memorable Bachelor Party Plans in Hartford, WI

Tired of the usual bowling or poker tournament with the guys? Try something unique for your next guy’s night out – art! Creative License® in Hartford, WI, is an art studio where you create the masterpiece.

Bachelor Party SignBachelor Party Paint Events

Challenge your groomsmen to get creative during a Creative License® bachelor party. Our Creative Consultants will be on hand to help everyone in your party express themselves, even if they have no artistic experience. Large groups are welcome! For your event, you may bring food, drinks, and party games. Just ask our Creative Consultants about setting up decorations.

Special note about alcoholic beverages: If you would like to enjoy alcoholic beverages during your party, your event must be scheduled after normal operating hours when the store is closed to the public. Due to Wisconsin law, we currently cannot sell alcohol, so you must bring your own. Any kind of public invitation for this event, including a post on Twitter or your own public Facebook wall (not a private group), is considered to be a “public” invitation and all alcohol would then be prohibited. We must enforce this to comply with all local and state laws in our area.

Clay Sculpting

Working with clay is a chance to get dirty without worrying about making a mess. Make something practical like a bowl or create a fantastical creature. You will have to wait 1 week for your piece to be fired before you can paint it. Painting and kiln firings are included in the price of the clay.

For guys who really want to test their artistic skills, we have pottery wheel classes for throwing and shaping clay. Try out some advanced techniques taught by our Creative Consultants.

Fused Glass Art Projects

There are many ways to create art with fused glass. This technique involves breaking and arranging pieces of glass to make something new. Our selection includes:

Fused glass jewelry is absolutely one of a kind. For grooms, we suggest surprising your bride-to-be with a necklace she’ll always cherish because you made it.

Groomsmen with Creative SocksCanvas Painting Classes

With Creative License® canvas painting classes, even beginner artists can make something amazing. Everyone in your group follows detailed, step-by-step instructions from our Creative Consultants so no one gets left behind. Make it a party game and award a prize to whoever is closest to matching the template canvas. All canvases can be taken home same day.

Schedule your next art event today or call to learn more about all the creative activities we have to offer.

Note: There is a required $50 non-refundable deposit to book the date and reserve staff for after-hours party.

Contact Creative License® to arrange a private guys’ night painting event.