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Easter Art Projects in Wisconsin

Ceramic Easter Egg Kits in Hartford, WI

Ceramic Easter Eggs in a BasketDecorating Easter eggs is a tradition which has gone back hundreds of years. Originally, the eggs were only dyed red and had no other decorations. As time went on, the eggs received more colors and patterns. Take this tradition to the next level by painting ceramic Easter eggs from Creative License®!

Unlike the eggs you hide or eat, our ceramic Easter eggs can be reused year after year. They make wonderful centerpieces and Easter basket decorations. Learn about all of our art options for toddlers, teens, and adults!

Easter Art for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Ceramic Easter eggs are beautiful keepsakes for toddlers. Paint one with your preschooler and add a new egg to their Easter basket every year. We also have cute ceramic animals like bunnies, butterflies, and more which little ones love. Let them pick out a figure to decorate as their own Easter Bunny.

Easter Art Projects for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

For kids and teens, ceramic Easter egg art is a chance to show off their artistic skill. Unlike real eggs, ceramic eggs are larger and have more room for details. After the egg is fired in our kiln, they can show off their egg without it going rotten like a real egg.

Another disadvantage of painting real eggs? They make a big mess! A cracked egg can leave yolk everywhere while even hardboiled eggs can break if handled roughly. Spilled food dye and paint can also leave stains in your home. By painting eggs at our Hartford studio, you don’t have to deal with a mess at home. Our Creative Consultants handle all the cleaning once you’re done painting.

Fused Glass CrossEaster Arts and Crafts for Adults

Looking for a fun Easter art idea different than traditional eggs? Create personalized dinner dishes at Creative License®! We have plates, bowls, and serving trays. By painting dinnerware you can have your own personalized holiday dishes. Every finished piece is safe to use with food or can be used as a purely decorative piece.

Fused glass art pieces can be made to resemble stained glass. Create an Easter ornament you can use to decorate your home during the Lenten season. Give a glass cross as a gift, just ask our Creative Consultants to help you get started.

Check out our art class event schedule to see our upcoming Easter art projects. We have plenty of seasonal art projects throughout the year, so be sure to visit often!

Contact Creative License® for an Easter art project in Hartford, WI, your whole family will love.