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Corporate Team Building Events in Hartford, WI

Corporate Event at Creative LicenseUse Art to Promote Employee Bonding

We provide creative team-building activities with pottery, glass, or canvas, tailored to your organization in our Hartford, WI, studio or at your business location. Creative License® has a private back room that can accommodate up to 20 employees or our Creative Consultants can also bring a project to you if you have a larger group.

Making art together is a great chance for employees to bond outside of work. Pick a group project or let everyone select their own thing. Your organization can create more than a masterpiece at Creative License®. We recommend these team building exercises:

Team Builder #1 - Working towards a common goal

Participants (or teams of participants) complete one portion each of a bigger picture on canvases or tiles. Team Builder #1 helps participants combine their unique creativity into one cohesive masterpiece.

Team Builder  #2 - Pick your color

Each person can only use one assigned color. Individuals work together to create a colorful work of canvas art. This team building exercise requires partners to communicate effectively and combine their creativity into one cohesive design. Great for team building, collaboration, and creativity.

Team Builder  #3 - Mugs for everyone

Tables for Art PartiesWe start off with "speed dating". Everyone has one minute with their team to exchange details about what they like (colors, designs, techniques). Once this portion is over, everyone gets a mug to paint a base color on. Team members then take turns painting details on everyone else’s mugs. Each person ends up with a personalized mug of their own to keep once glazed/fired.

Team Builder #4 – Holiday cheer

During the holidays, we have special seasonal art offerings. These projects vary depending on which holiday is coming up. For example, your employees can bring their families to create custom Christmas ornaments during winter. Contact Creative License® to learn more about using art for your next office holiday party!

Team Builder #5 – Instructed canvas painting

This team building exercise is great for specific departments to get to know one another. One person picks a template and our Creative Consultants give step-by-step instructions to paint the design on canvas. At the end of guided canvas painting session, compare artwork with everyone in the group. You’ll be amazed to see what unique touches everyone added to their pieces.

The Benefits of Creative Team Building

Team building events at Creative License® are a great way to foster creative thought, collaboration, and communication for your employees. Whether you want to promote positive change, encourage new teams to work together, or simply thank your workers for a job well done, art activities at Creative License® are the perfect solution.

Prices vary based on attendees and/or project options. Here is just a sampling of the solutions we offer and will be delighted to discuss the best option for your event:

You may bring refreshments for your group.

For more information, please contact our art studio or call 262-214-1130 and ask for our owner Angela!