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Canvas Painting Class at Hartford, WI, Studio

Canvas Painting Party at Home in Southeast Wisconsin

Create a masterpiece on canvas with an easy-to-follow painting lesson from the artists of Creative License®. Our parties can be held at our Hartford, WI, studio, your home, or another location of your choosing. Learn more about our canvas painting party options or call us for more details.

Canvas Painting Supplies

At-Home Painting Party

Host a wine and paint party at your home or bond with coworkers after hours. Canvas painting parties are a great way to relax and shake off stress while creating something beautiful.

We recommend you select a space large enough for your group to comfortably spread out at tables. We provide everything for your group, from canvases to easels. We bring more than just supplies: your Creative Consultant teacher will help everyone in the group with their painting technique.

We have a $25 travel fee for parties outside our studio.

In-Studio Painting Lessons

Set up a canvas painting class for friends, family, or coworkers at our studio. Canvases are a “make & take” option, so every guest can take their new masterpiece home immediately after the party.

Each class will follow the same steps:

  1. The host selects a template and the canvas size
  2. Your Creative Consultant will help you get set up with your paints and brushes
  3. Follow the instructions of your Creative Consultant and PAINT!
  4. Add personalized details to your piece
  5. Compare your art with the rest of the group

Instructed Canvas Painting Lesson in Hartford, WI

Our Creative Consultants will provide expert assistance, showing your guests which colors to use and how to correctly use the brush to apply paint. Whether you need a lot of help or a little, our Creative Consultants will be there when you need them. If you have questions along the way, need to correct a mistake or simply want painting advice, we’ll be there.

By hosting a private party, you can have refreshments and decorations. However, due to local liquor laws, you may only bring alcoholic beverages if your party occurs after our studio has closed to the public and cannot be advertised.

Instructed Canvas Painting Lessons for Adults

Want to learn how to paint but don’t want to play party host? We have instructed canvas painting nights offered throughout the year. Check out our upcoming events for studio canvas painting classes.

The Creative License® studio has regular store hours when anyone can come in to paint a canvas with their own design. All of our Creative Consultants will be more than happy to help you create the canvas painting you dreamed up.

Contact Creative License® to arrange a canvas painting party at home.